NOMEMUS – Nordic Medieval Music

NOMEMUS makes medieval music alive today for a broad audience of all ages. We want to create events for musical experiences and discoveries. Medieval music is presented at concerts and lectures. Most of the music is presented at an annual festival in Söderköping, Sweden. But we also want to present the music at other places and circumstances. In concerts but also through courses and lectures. Our aim is to teach and inspire people around medieval music of both secular and profane tradition, and we hope to create meeting-places and a network for artists, historical specialists and an interested audience.

The festival started in 2008 and takes place every year in the end of August or early September. This is at the same time as the town festival Söderköpings Gästabud. An event that focuses on medieval culture and the history of the town Söderköping . The musicfestival works mainly with professional artists from the Nordic countries but also with artists from countries around the Baltic sea.

This years festival will take place between 26th – 29th of August. There will be three concerts in the evenings at 19.00. These will take place as earlier years in the S:t Laurentii church and Drothem church in Söderköping. On Saturday 29th, in the afternoon, there will also be a lecture with music in Drothem parish house, on hymns to the holy virgin and other music of praise. On Sunday 29th at 11.00 there will be a service with medieaval music in S:t Laurentii church.

For the first time there will this year also be a short Nomemus festival in Gotland. Two concerts and lectures, 9 – 12th of August, during the Medieval week. See their website for more information:

We also plan for a course for singers and instrumentalists during all the festival days, starting on the 26th of August. Examples from earlier festival concerts can be viewed on the internet (You Tube). And we also have short lectures on different aspects of medieval music.(see social media below)

Lars Jonsson – Artistic leader